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Winnipeg Climbers!

5th annual REEL Rock Film Tour confirmed they'll have a showing in Winnipeg! Yeah!


Friday, October 22

Park Theatre Cafe - 698 Osborne Street, Winnipeg, MB

Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm

Tickets $13 Advance or $15 at the door.

Nik and I have already bought our tickets. :)
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180 South (the story of Patagonia)

Sometime in July or early August, I want to purchase this film and have a movie-night. All adventure/wilderness/environment-centric films. We shall see if this actually pans out. I'll have a lot of cleaning to do before then.

Wedding cake will be done on July 9th and I'll make sure film night doesn't conflict with the Fringe.

Starting a list...

180 South

First Ascent

Red Gold
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Crazy Cakes contest

This is my third submission, and possibly the cake I had most fun with:,id%20DESC
Jean's scuba diver birthday cake.

In other news, we didn't have running water in our house since last Monday due to a broken water pipe in the ground. It's mostly fixed now and I have water again... but Nik had to take apart the shower so I can't do that until it's fixed. Good news is we're rid of the old lead water pipe.

Things are moving along slowly.